Shyft Network Announces Partnership with Tapmydata

Through the partnerships, users of Tapmydata will be able to reclaim and stake with their data in DeFi markets.

The partnership

The issues surrounding online data and its uses have increased especially due to social media and the growth of the internet. The importance of data and identity verification on different platforms allows users to own their data as well as have power over its use. Many companies have been benefiting from data acquired without the users knowledge or consent. Additionally, little parameters have been put up to identify owners of data, meaning that the validity of certain data or user information is a challenge.

The importance of this partnership for Shyft Network

Shyft Network is committed to partnering with platforms that have tangible solutions for their users. The importance of such partnerships open the platform up to more users and use cases, as well as presenting more ways that we can serve the community. It is our hope that this new partnership will allow Shyft Network to make more steps towards strengthening interoperability and decentralization, as well as embedding trust and validation into data.

Why us this important for Tapmydata

We know we are aiming to tackle a huge problem and realize we cannot do it alone. There has to be a shift in worldwide awareness that data has value and it is being monetized without our consent. By partnering with a project that has the same mission, Tapmydata knows we can make a change and are thankful to Shyft Network for embarking on this journey with us.

About Tapmydata

Tapmydata’s solution helps users to reclaim their digital footprint, giving them the right to decide who they can share the data with and on what terms. Through the platform, people have control of their data and can make decisions on whether to share it or capitalize on the market and earn rewards from their data. The data broking sector trades information without transparency, hence owners of this data have no choice or control over it.

About Shyft Network

The Shyft Network aggregates and embeds trust into data stored on public and private ecosystems, allowing an opt-in compliance layer across all systems. The key pillar for Shyft is user consent, allowing users to track the usage of their data. Therefore, no one can use personal data without consent from the owner. Shift Network allows and gives incentives to individuals and enterprises to work together to add context to data, unlocking the ability to build authentic digital reputation, identity, and credibility frameworks.



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