Shyft Network: January Recap

New hires (and a new website!), buzzy op-eds, and an upcoming $SHFT campaign to kick off the Year of the Tiger.

2022 is here at Shyft Network, and there’s already a lot going on for our platform and community! From essential new hires to a couple of pointed op-eds and a new community campaign, see below for critical updates on where we’ve been during the last month.

Malcolm Wright Joins Shyft Network as Head of Strategy for its Global Regulatory & Compliance Solutions

January saw the hiring of blockchain veteran Malcolm Wright who recently came on board to oversee the expansion of Veriscope and strategy and growth for upcoming core public network products, including institutional DeFi, NFTs, and our forthcoming DAO. Malcolm joins us from his former post as Chief Compliance Officer at BitMEX, where he’s been instrumental in global policy work and advocacy on behalf of the digital asset ecosystem. Malcolm is also the founder of InnoFi Advisory, a consulting firm supporting innovation and growth in DeFi, DAOs, and NFTs, and co-lead of the anti-money laundering (AML) working group at Global Digital Finance (GDF).

Read the full blog release below on Malcolm’s appointment to learn more about how he will be leading teams and all regulatory compliance and institutional strategy for upcoming extension systems of Veriscope.

Read: Malcolm Wright Joins Shyft Network as Head of Strategy for its Global Regulatory & Compliance Solutions

Shyft Network CEO Joseph Weinberg Op-Eds for CoinTelegraph & CoinDesk

​​One month, two buzzy op-eds from our fearless leader Joseph Weinberg. Following the industry-shaking news coming out of DeFi protocol Wonderland regarding their pseudo-anonymous CFO “Sifu,” Joseph went deep on the battle between pseudonymity and trust in DeFi and crypto for Coin Desk as part of their Privacy Week series. Give it a read to learn more about the power of attested reputation and why it’s essential for the future of DeFi mass adoption!

Additionally, Joseph was quoted in another Coin Desk Privacy Week piece on the current state of Travel Rule compliance. Read it here.

Read: Wonderland’s (and DeFi’s) Anonymity Problem

Earlier in January, Joseph also penned an op-ed for CoinTelegraph on an essential but often overlooked topic in NFTs: compliance. Following a year of exponential growth in NFTs, Joseph looked into a couple of negative instances for the sector regarding malicious activity and fraud. Joseph explained how battle-coded compliance, on-chain KYC, and regulatory solutions can help protect NFTs buyers and exchanges from setbacks and keep the industry moving in the right direction.

Read: NFTs and compliance: Why we need to be having this conversation

Another $SHFT Giveaway Campaign to Celebrate the Lunar New Year

New year, new $SHFT giveaway for our community! To buzz up excitement for the rollout of the upcoming Shyft Network DAO — and help select our community key signers — we’ll be giving away $SHFT tokens in Discord every day from February 3rd-10th to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We will also give away an NFT from the Fang Gang collection.

As we did with our Doodle NFT giveaway, our Lunar New Year campaign will kick off on Gleam, and then daily token giveaways will take place in our Discord channel via a giveaway bot.

Check out our blog post for more details on the Lunar New Year giveaway and head to Gleam to join. Good luck!

Meet the New Shyft Network Website!

What better opportunity for a shiny new website than a new year? Our friends at Kalapa Agency created a beautiful and intuitive new home for all things Shyft Network. From a Newsroom to Developer Portal, Shyft Federation page, updated Glossary, and lots more, take some time to explore — and have fun! Expect more updates to the website in the coming weeks and months.

— The Shyft Network Team

About Shyft Network

The Shyft Network aggregates and embeds trust into data stored on public and private ecosystems, allowing an opt-in compliance layer across all systems. The key pillar for Shyft is user consent, allowing users to track the usage of their data. Therefore, no one can use personal data without consent from the owner. Shyft Network allows and gives incentives to individuals and enterprises to work together to add context to data, unlocking the ability to build authentic digital reputation, identity, and credibility frameworks.

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Shyft Network is a public protocol and attestation network designed to validate identity and power compliance directly into blockchain data.

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Shyft Network

Shyft Network

Shyft Network is a public protocol and attestation network designed to validate identity and power compliance directly into blockchain data.

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