Shyft Network Partners With Polkastarter To Launch a Global Whitelisting Solution For Token Swaps and Compliant Liquidity Pools

  1. Whitelisted addresses. A whitelist is a list of items/IP addresses that are granted access to a certain system or protocol. A whitelisted address effectively says: I know this person/entity and their KYC documents have been verified, enabling the user to participate in multiple projects without having to repeat KYC processes, and
  2. AML and GDPR compliant systems. Institutional capital markets are strictly regulated and supervised by local and international regulatory bodies; the goal is to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorist operations (AML). Through Shyft Network’s attestation framework, projects can verify and comply with existing AML regulatory frameworks and attract institutional capital, while protecting user’s privacy by not requiring them to create copies of their personal-identifiable information.

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