Shyft Network — Token Distribution and Economics

Balance and Decentralization

SHFT Overview

The SHFT Token

Token Distribution

Economic Metagame — 20%

Ecosystem Development — 23.81%

  • Next-Gen DEFI (Project Adaptability) — 6.06%
    To allow for the Shyft Network project to encompass and adapt to updates in the ecosystem as a whole, an allocation has been provided to allow for the engineering/production of services and utilities for this purpose, beginning on month 39 in daily distributions over a 12-month period.
  • Synthetic Asset Wrap Reward (Ecosystem) — 4.65%
    Gives individuals a reward for holding other erc20-based assets on Ethereum within the Shyft Network smart contracts (e.g. Shyft-wrapped USDT), distributed in equal instalments over 10 years. Incentivizes participation in the total Shyft Network smart-contract stack e.g. allows for easy use of Trust Channels when regulations require/incentivize participation.
  • VASP Ecosystem Initializer — 0.03%
    For the purposes of establishing our VASP/travel rule-related products that interact/support the Shyft Network compliance-related software stack, a small allocation has been provided on months 2–4 to incentivize the business-related relationships that will bootstrap this process.
  • Shyft Treasury — 2.76%
    The Shyft Network will maintain a treasury composed of unallocated SHFT assets from advisors, partnerships, purchasers, et al. A portion of these assets may be distributed by way of decentralized consensus through community DAO-structures.
    Our intention is to maintain these assets in the treasury until they can be allocated for their proper purposes, based on multi-year deployment schedules.

Public Distribution — 0.91%

Advisors — 5.68%

Ongoing Technical Partnerships — 5.47%

Purchasers — 22.26%

Strategic Partnerships — 4.01%

Core Team — 17.86%

Total Circulating Supply Over Time (Stacked) — 30 months

Inflation & Runtime: Federated nodes, Runtime Inflation DAO’s & Byfrost

Shyft Runtime Inflation DAO’s — 2%: Perpetual Community Funding and Ongoing Ecosystem Wide Resource Maintenance

Strong Federation — 2%: Inflation per block is generated to pay for the cost of security; all network transactions fees are eliminated through EIP1559

Byfrost — 2%: Inflation routed to openly pay for the cost of public bridge nodes for asset-weighted Proof of Stake

In conclusion



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