Shyft Network Token Upgrade v.2 Troubleshooting

[ update Jul 1, 2021 4:51PM EST ]

We’ve found another minor glitch that will result in a “success” transaction but no upgrade event.

This will not affect the total balance or prevent you from any other activities. This will consume gas much like a failed transaction.

Our diagnostic

We can see this in the first completed Upgrade that emits Logs and Events. The second has not completed, the transaction is a ‘success’, but no on-chain balances have changed, and no event logs etc.

Zooming in, we can see that the input value ends with ‘050000’ and the ‘Quantity’ of the actual tokens in storage in this address are ‘048192’. As the input value is higher than the actual value, the Upgrade event fails, and due to the fact that we could not modify the original contract, we could not get additional events/notifications in place.

Suggested Fixes

2. If you want to do it right now Simply enter the number manually into the text field instead of using the ‘max’ button on the interface, round to the nearest 5th decimal and you’ll be perfectly fine in consideration of the 0.0001 SHFT sent to all previous Holders.

Thanks for the feedback and support. We are working together to get this phase over as quickly as possible.

[ update Jul, 1, 2021 ]

The Shyft co-founder team came together to problem solve, and we’ve found a clever fix for this issue!

We ended up using to send 0.0001 SHFT to each user, forcing Etherscan to update the token balances & associations for each of the existing token holders from the Shyft v1 contract.

We did this by using “export as csv” from the token holders in the v1 (

and sent out the 0.0001 SHFT to each existing token holder, across the board.

We appreciate the community’s patience & feedback while we were inspecting this issue :)

Hello everyone, Chris from the Shyft Network here. We’ve discovered some tooling intricacies brought on by our token upgrade process that may be causing some concern if you, the user, are trying to confirm your balances using multiple sources.

NOTE: If you haven’t tried to do the token upgrade, read this first.

Description / What to Look For

As we can see, this user (0x6153…213) has completed an upgrade for 3959…0000 tokens. This value is in “wei”, with 18 decimals of precision.

At this point, even though we can see that the user has Upgraded 396.90316283213986 SHFT tokens successfully, Etherscan will (currently) not report this amount for the user (0x6153…213).

We can see that this user is not reflected in the Token page at the moment:

And on this user’s account page, the SHFT [ Wrapped ] token isn’t appearing yet.

Issue Severity: (#004, 2/10) — interfaces, user expectations, non-critical, important



1. Don’t Panic

[ ex 1 & 2 ]

After the v2 Upgrade event, you will see your tokens in metamask!

2. If you really need to see it on Etherscan, you can help yourself

3. And if that’s too complex, we can help you too!

4. Patience until tools are updated.

We’re in communication with the Etherscan team to utilize our events to incorporate our flow of the holders/balances in relation.

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