The Shyft Network Token Distribution and Economics — Part 3

The Shyft Network Token Economics after the release of mainnet.

Hello everyone, Shyft Network has officially launched! We’ve laid the foundation for an entire network that will solve complex problems like institutional adoption and multi-jurisdictional regulation. As the blockchain ecosystem quickly scales before our eyes, the industry is now starting to feel the effects of present-day regulations. The need for a solution, like Shyft Network, has never been more urgent.



In the original Token Economics blog post, we explained that the Network Inflation rate was set at 6% of the Initial Token Universe, i.e., 2,520,000,000 tokens, distributed gradually over several years. The Network Inflation rate is composed of three main elements:

Distribution of the Initial Token Universe

DAO-Related Assets

DAO Related assets represent all buckets destined for community DAOs and other AMM structures to incentivize the growth and development of our community and our network. These funds are not immediately available to the Shyft Network core team or the Shyft Node Federation.

Partner and Purchaser Distributions

These allocations represent all SHFT tokens that have been sold, distributed, or granted to early token purchasers, strategic and technical partners, advisors, and early supporters of the project.

Treasury-Related Assets

These buckets represent SHFT tokens that are currently or will be available to the Shyft Network for the ecosystem, business, and partnership development, subject to distribution locks and schedules.

Inflationary Mechanics

As discussed in our original Token Economics blog post, the Shyft Network has an inflationary component meant to incentivize the creation and continuity of the Node Federation, allowing for the creation of future DAOs for community expansion.

Wrapping up

For the purposes of calculating circulating supply, the starting date of distribution schedules is March 26, 2021.

Shyft is the credential verification network with proof-of-sender protocol and that reclaims trust, identity and credibility for humanity.